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Photonics has been an emergent field for several years now, and the idea that on-chip photonics will enable future computing to be carried out in the optical domain is now looking less like a pipe dream. Yet, ideas in this field are nascent and spread across several disciplines. As part of the EU-funded project, FunComp, we seek to initiate intimate and frank conversations in the emerging field. This will be an invitation-only event in this first instance to ensure that a broad yet well-defined scope of ideas are presented with plenty of time for sharing new ideas and concepts, but we hope to make this part of an on-going Conversations in Oxford series.

The symposium will have the feel of an open scientific gathering to foster and develop new ideas from disparate communities towards developing all-photonic computers. We will be open to uncomfortable questions such as “What do we need to achieve to be better than an electronic computer that would exist 10 years from now?” and “Is this a niche field, or is this broad?” Overall, we hope that the symposium can accommodate up to 80 people, allowing for an intimate engagement.

We welcome submissions for poster presentations from both academic and industrial interested parties.

Abstracts can be submitted to our email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the name of the file as follows:  Photonics Abstract "Name of presenter"

In the abstract file, please include:

  • Title 
  • Author list 
  • Affiliation
  • 300 word summary of work
  • Figure (optional)
  • Acknowledgements 

 Please submit abstracts by 12th July 2019.